Friday, June 15, 2012

Witch 365: Days 25 & 26

This project hasn't been the easiest...mostly because the second I read one of my tasks, I want to go off and do some other creative project (that probably wouldn't actually happen). I have, however, managed to keep doing one project each day.

Yesterday I had to make use of our much depleted recycling bin to create my witch item. I realize my default is a witch hat.

Day 25: Recycled Witch Hat

Today I had to use a way I've never used it. That part was not difficult, as I've not used clay much at all. What ended up being tricky was trying to make a snail small enough for a dollhouse witch to use in her potions....

Day 26: A Maybe Snail
I will not disclose the number of attempts that took. ;)

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