Friday, July 6, 2012

Indomitably, Delightfully Twenty-Nine

I just turned 29 on the Island and realize it is the only place in the world that will make me feel an incurable homesickness (incurable until I go back…though the missing it sets in again the moment I’m on a ferry leaving). I miss people – that’s easy to do when I know and love the very best – but places and I rarely care for one another. The Island is different. I think the Island, no matter how it changes, will always be home.
<3 Ocean
Yesterday Gabe and I caught the Anacortes ferry to Sidney.
Belle on the Ferry
We left the car in the States and wandered across the street to Rada’s house when we arrived. I spent the day wandering my much-loved Sidney streets, sitting on my favourite rock in the ocean, and lounging on a pile of blankets and pillows on Rada’s second floor deck overlooking the ocean. 

Found Object in Ocean
Spoiled? You bet.

To top it off Rada had also stocked her house with my favourite food (okay, drink) in the entire world: Island Farms Chocolate Milk. Nothing is greater than that chocy milk. We had a late lunch in town at Beacon and Eggs (delicious breakfast until 3pm!) and I ended up running into a dive buddy of mine (who owns that restaurant and two others, including a new wood-fire pizza place on the main stretch) and talked about free diving for a spell; I think I’m going to have to try it – he made it sound pretty amazing and I love the idea of going down only relying on myself. Matt was also on the Island (he greeted us at the ferry) and ran around Sidney taking funny pictures with me. The kid has a good eye for photos.

A Sidney Classic

It's been so long!

I woke up at 8:15am this morning and decided not to waste another minute in bed. I had Island Farms cottage cheese (yum!) and Thrifty’s cinnamon scones for breakfast, basked in the morning sun while reading, and walked the dogs downtown with Gabe. We snagged coffee (okay, mine was a Black Forest Mocha with caramel drizzle and chocolate shavings) and then went to the Lolly Grab to stock up on candy (and did we ever!) By the time we returned, Nana was waiting for us at Rada’s.

The five of us drove out to Victoria to meet Dad for lunch at an Italian restaurant: great food, great service.

Dad gave me a birthday card featuring a hilarious moving meatball that sang a funny birthday song in what I can only describe as Mario’s voice (Itsa me! Ma-rio!). I will either use my birthday money to acquire more rowing lessons, or to run away to some destination (I have no clue where and would need more funds, but it’s a great thought…), or to buy a fisheye lens for my camera along with a tripod (this would be good). I suppose the only problem with acquiring anything new and not using the money on experiences is the increase in Stuff in our life. Our condo is small and overfull already (perhaps this is why we so struggle to keep it clean?), so new items will only add to the Too Much Stuff we already own.

Mr. Pant's Perch

Okay, so Homer-pants isn't one of those cluttersome objects (or an object at all). I’m just not sure where we could par down (nooooo, not books! They have special, designated places….). I’ve been bad at keeping our place clean, probably since I got my new job, and much of the organizing I meant to do has fallen to the wayside. This needs to change. Matt’s coming over on Wednesday, and I know we have to have a clean place by them, so hopefully this will motivate us to do something about our increasing mess.
More Kisses!
Oh, we are such slobs…not because of the kisses, though.

Wow. Okay. Sidetrack. Meanwhile, back at the Italian restaurant where we were enjoying a birthday lunch: after we had our mains, we shared a piece of complimentary birthday cheesecake (a piece so big it was almost too much for six people!), and when Dad had to return to work, the rest of us moved on to Nana’s house for her homemade birthday cake, fresh strawberries and whip, and coffee.

Did I mention how spoiled I am?

I used to ask Grampa to bake me a cake each year I was going to be on the Island. Grampa made the best cakes – always creamy and rich and smooth. Nana’s cake was fantastic, so much so that I escorted the leftovers over the border and back to Seattle. I’ll have a piece (or two….) more for myself and will bring the rest into work tomorrow.

Cake Made by Nana!

I continue to settle into Seattle well. Most days I feel pretty much 100% adjusted, though I know certain parts still need work. I’ve been making great progress with meeting new people and making friends. I started off well with work when I fell in with three amazing people I like to see outside of the bookstore. I have a pretty great workplace, and each person there is lovely, but three of them are a particular sort of awesome. Sadly, one of them no longer works there and won’t be back in Seattle for quite a while, and another of my favourites is leaving in August and (sadder still!) doesn’t have plans to return to Seattle.

Obviously I have a tendency to like people who are not only awesome but also have dreams, ambitions, and chutzpah, so I really ought not be surprised when they jump into new adventures.

Speaking of adventures, I think we need to start saving for our next big one. This month we did a lot with our third paycheques (hello, Disney!!!) but we need to start looking ahead to an even bigger trip: Peru in 2014. I’m still sad we can’t wing this trip in 2013 but it makes sense given how much money we need to save to be able to do this one (about $14,000 without modifying our debt repayments).

Belle Provides Great Consolation Hugs

We have smaller trips planned: Orlando with Court and Danger in September, Tofino with the family to celebrate a pretty awesome sequence of 25th, 30th, and 50th birthdays (Andrea, me, Mom), and probably Colorado somewhere in there, too…but I’m most excited about the bigger trips I want to do, like Mount Kilimanjaro in 2015 or 2016, the Galapagos Islands (I want two weeks there to go diving), Australia and New Zealand, Kenya, Nairobi….yikes. You’ve seen the list. Oh, bookseller income.

Anyway, income. Money. Debt. In my next post I’m going to be reviewing our finances and how we did last month (oh, fated three-paycheque month). In the meantime, though, I’m going to try to stay with this more general life update and sign off for now. xoxo


  1. Your birthday weekend looks like it was fantastic! I so love the picture of your grandmas--those two are such amazing women. I look forward to seeing the card from your dad. Much love and hugs to you and the rest of the family. See you soon! Jer's really looking forward to spending Thursday with you and Matt! xoxo

    1. We are wildly overdue for a hangout, missy! :) I am excited to see you. :) Post-Wonton I'll take you and baby to the Island for a visit (Onii can join us or we can make it a girl trip). Both grandmothers were thrilled to hear your news and asked after you and Onii. xoxo