Sunday, July 8, 2012

Up, Down, Up, Down, Chu-chu-chu!

I think Kuni is the onlly person who may understand the title, but for those who don't just picture me versus the Debt Beast with dancing, laser guns, and a whole lot of win.

Do you play that "if I had extra money I'd put it towards x, y, and z" game? I do, and it seems that no matter how long I play it, my answer is always the same: debt, debt, debt, and more debt. This, however, is not the truth of the situation. We had three paycheques each last month, and Gabe worked a stupid amount of required overtime, so we ened up sitting pretty atop a slowly swindling moun of debt.

We ended last month with $45,616.06 in debt. The Debt Beast had chugged back more of our money and increased its girth. I was pitching fits even as I understood the reasons behind the increase (namely, Homer's incident).

Here is where we stand with debt at the beginning of the month:

National Student Loan: $23,966.71
BC Student Loan: $5975.36
Credit Line: $2470

AMEX: $7176
Mohela Student Loan: $2575
401K Loan: $725

Our new debt total is $42,680.06.

Notice a line missing? We paid off the Credit Line in the States! :) Actually, no matter how we look at it, June rocked. We managed to get a ton down on debt (take that smack of $2936!)  and acquired other items, like a 100% paid in cash up front trip to Disney World in September with Court and Danger, my Halloween costume, a replacement keyboard for Gabe's computer, a replacement food processor bowl (we can't live without my magical food processor), and a few other items that had been waiting in the wings.

Pretty damn awesome. xox


  1. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start

  2. I'm thinking the title has something to do with a channel that airs in space.

    CONGRATS on taking a huge bite out of that debt! Impressive!