Saturday, August 4, 2012

Da-da-da-doom! Da-da-da-debt!

Here is the much-anticipated (okay, maybe I'm the only one who looks forward to this but....) debt update! We did well last month, which considering all the creative budgeting (due to an abundance of summer activity wants...mostly on my part) we had to do is great!! Here's a peek at our current financial (okay, debt) situation.

Credit Line at $1617
My National Student Loan $23,542.89
Lastly, my BC Student Loan at $6005.97

The loan against Gabe's 401K is now $566
The credit card is sitting heavy at $6500
Gabe's Student Loan is now down to $2464

Our new debt total is $40,695.86
Die, Debt Beast! Die!! 

Last month at this time we owed $42,680.06. I am still a little confused as to how we paid off almost $2000 of debt. Confused but thrilled. Very, very thrilled. Next month we will have moved into the 30K zone! How amazing is that? Progress, progress. I think we'll celebrate over a lovely bottle of wine when we hit that target...which should be next month if all goes well. 

We have a household budgeting session coming up with Verhanika, too. I can't tell you how excited I am to have another person eyeball our budgets and make suggestions we (being so close to the whole thing) may not see. Verhanika is wonderful. I highly recommend her if you're in need for a financial revamp. Hopefully that will happen in the next month, though with our schedule it seems like we hardly have space to catch our breath before we plunge into the next adventure. Yesterday I was so zonked (and, okay, my knee was trying to murder me) that I fell asleep before 7pm on the couch.... Gabe woke me hours later and poked me over to bed to continue sleeping.

That said, I wouldn't trade any of this busy for the world....or a good night's sleep. 

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