Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In Which We Discuss Life and Other Obstacles that Get in the Way of Posting Updates

My mind is boggled, so let's start with point-form and pictures:

- - Matt visited! (how did I not post this on the blog? -- actually, it appears I had a draft post...) ANYWAY, Matt came to visit us in Seattle!
Onii took us to his private dock

Matt and the Space Needle
We showed Matt around the good sites.

Gabe and Matt at a Mariners game

Me and Matt
- Gabe and I are rocking our budget and trying our best to figure out time together (both are working!). We've even managed to get chores down pat and keep our house clean, which is very helpful when hosting guests!

- Andrea and Kevin visited!!
Me and Andrea at Feiereabend.

- I'm planning and preparing for a baby shower for Hoolie, Onii, and Wonton.
Me and Hoolie
- Onii and I went to the ice caves recently and have a good number of other adventures planned before the sun runs out and autumn gets here (still not sure how it's already August).
Getting to the ice caves

Love the ice caves signs

Me standing by an ice cave
- I've been rowing twice a week and lifting stacks of books every day, so I've added at least +3 to strength.

My mornings
Actually, in rowing I recently moved from the beginner wherry (wide, heavy, steady boat) to an Aero (sleek, lighter, faster, *way* tippier boat) and finish my Learn to Row lessons on Thursday. I'll also be doing a flip test (it's exactly what it sounds like and twice as cold) on Thursday and then will be able to take the boats out by myself without supervision (yay!). Even more exciting, though, is that I've been asked to join a competitive sweep team. I came into rowing early yesterday and was recruited to take a spot on a competitive crew (and I gave them all sorts of warnings about how green I am...but they're willing to work with me). I'm pretty excited!!

- Gabe went to Chicago to visit his grandmother and I missed him terribly while he was gone

- Work is *awesome.* I love what I do, I love being around books, and recently I've started training for other jobs within my main bookseller job: special orders, sidelines, and (upcoming) the readings team. I'm very happy there! I'm also switching my sections around, which means I'll be in charge of Travel instead of Self and Crafts -- a trade I'm very happy to make!

- I've made friends! Well, a very limited number but seeing as it took me about two years to start developing a friend network in Vancouver, I couldn't be more tickled. I spend a lot of time walking Seattle with one of them and have a developing repertoire with others. Next week I start a swing dance class and two of my coworkers are joining with me (dance is really not Gabe's thing). I even started to make a friend at rowing the other day!

- I'm looking forward to a ton of things upcoming, but among them: Dad and Sue are coming to visit us this Thursday and Friday, and Mom is visiting us the following Thursday and Friday! (Those are, of course, my days off).

- Witch project 365 has morphed into a writing project, which I love. I won't be posted the updates here, though, unless I hit a roadblock and start to do other witchy things again. :)

- I'm volunteering with Girl Scouts on the Travel Advisory Committee for Western Washington and love it! Come autumn I'll also be starting up a grade four troop with another leader.

Having done this post, I'll try do these more often again. I can hardly believe it's almost been a month, but seeing how busy I've made myself I'm also not surprised. I will, however, try to be better. :)


  1. A +3!? What system are you using? I call foul.

  2. Yay for a new post! I love all of the photographs!

  3. Woohoo new post! So glad life is going well. <3