Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seattle Rocks and Other Truths

I never felt very attached to Vancouver, which I attribute as much to myself as I do to the city. We just never got along; I never felt like we were interested in the same things...

Seattle and I, on the other hand, are quickly becoming BFFs. This is due in part to the location of our condo. I love living on the Hill and having access to all the shops, activities, walks, and parks in this area...not to mention the fact that we live a 10 minute (my stride) walk to the downtown core, tourist pens, and a 17-or-so minute walk from the waterfront area. Access? We have spades.

This neighbourhood is fantastic for a number of reasons, not the least of which is all the art-related opportunities, galleries, and venues here. Branching out from the neighbourhood (and even Seattle) is where I really get excited, though.

The Washington State Trails Association is phenomenal!! I've been trying to hike and/ or walk as much as is physically possible. Up until this week that looked like no less than twice a week, between 12-15 miles (sorry, you get miles because that's what everything is in...wait...I'll find a translator: 19-24 kilometres!) per hike/ walk each day I go. Working at the bookstore means I keep odd days off, so my available hiking partners are extremely limited, and Gabe and I haven't been able to hike together much at all. After next week I'm losing my most consistent hiking companion, so I'm pretty sure my hikes will decrease until I make more friends (because, no matter what anyone tries to tell you, hiking alone is idiocy).

Anyway, sidetracked. Back to the loving of Seattle and Washington State hiking. I was flipping through the website planning out my next large day hike when I stumbled upon this awesome Hike-a-thon. I've decided I will be doing this next August and would love to hike once every day. Ambitious? You bet! But I am very confident in my ability to accomplish such a goal! Expect me to be bothering you for a contribution next July when I register. :) Maybe I can even get a team going!!

Anyways, it's going on the Longer than Life list, which I have now updated...though I know more items need to be added as I'm always thinking of new experiences to have. Just the other day I tried my first polar-bear-esque swim in icy cold Annette Lake during a hike -- so much fun!! That's about all for now. I have more to say but that will have to wait until later as I have to work shortly and food should find its way to me before then. :)


  1. Vancouver kind of sucks. It has some good things about it, but it also kind of sucks. Glad you are putting down some roots!! :)

    And 12-15 miles, whaaaaaaa? That's more than a half marathon. That must be HOURS of hiking awesomeness. :D

  2. I would be willing to go for a good walk once a week with you, Amelia and I aren't much for actual hiking.

  3. Dear Justus,
    Please update your blog or I will scratch your eyes out the next time you visit my humans.
    The Cat