Thursday, September 13, 2012

Future Travel Plans!

Travel is a big priority for us right now (with "right now" being while we're young, footloose, and fancy-free with knees that work and muscles that can heft backpacks). We've been discussing our travel goals for a while (you know I keep a list) and have come up with a few trips in our future that we'd like to complete over the next few years.

I suppose it's only logical to start with our trip to Disney World in T -10 days. That one hasn't even fully sunk in yet... I'm super excited to visit the Mouse, but more excited to spend time with CD!

Our next international trip is going to take us to France and Spain! We'll be doing the first half of the Camino de Santiago at the end of April in 2013. Once we make it to the halfway point, we're going to go down to Madrid to finish the rest of our trip in a little bit more relaxing style. Either the next year, or a yet-to-be-determined future year, we'll return and complete the second half of the trail.

Following that trip, our next big excursion is in July to celebrate a triplicate of awesome birthdays: 25, 30, and 50! We'll be going to Tofino to learn how to surf.

So, those are the next trips planned within 12 months. Looking beyond the next year we have a few other funs excursions on the table for consideration.

February 2014: Cuba
June 2014: Colorado hiking/ camping
May 2015: Peru
October 2016: Mt. Kilimanjaro/ Tanzania

These trips aren't quite set in stone yet (except, perhaps, for Peru), but as of 2015, we should be out of debt (!!!), which means our possibilities for travel could open up into any number of adventures.

In the meantime, though, while we're still tackling the debt beast, I think we're doing a pretty awesome job at living our life while meeting those financial goals.

...and I am so excited for Disney!!!

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