Monday, September 3, 2012

So, This Updating Thing...

Okay, so it wasn't supposed to be like this. I had every intention (okay, maybe I didn't, otherwise I would've gotten a post done...but I liked the idea) of writing more frequently. The temptation of summer, however, is too much for me, and I have spent every moment possible outdoors, having adventures, discovering new worlds, trying new things. 

What follows will be a scattered picture-based update, but a budget update (and a travel update) will follow within the next week (ooo, deadlines!). Without further ado, the pictures:

I taught myself how to bake pie (in this case, rhubarb) with lattice and designs. I made it for a friend who left Seattle as going away gift (and lure to come back -- who doesn't want a place that offers pie?) It was good fun (and SO delicious!)

Rhubarb Pie

Second Rhubarb Pie
This is Belle. She's adorable and is starting medication to help with her kidney failure. She's still in the first stages, which is great because she doesn't need much, but we're starting to incorporate a little bit more in the way of preventative care. She, of course, doesn't think anything is wrong except that I am still not her hoom (and where is he anyway?!)

Suicide Belle

Work (and life) has started to slip into autumn, which I love. I love everything about autumn and am SO EXCITED for October and Halloween. Of course, many more adventures will occur in September, including Disney World with Moki & Danger!!! How much fun will that be?!

Window Display at Work

I've been having a good many adventures, most of which have included hikes; however, other fun has also been found. Recently, for example, Onii and I discovered a mini-golf course within walking distance (okay, my idea of walking distance) from my house!

The Hole-in-One Pose
...and earlier still, in August my Mom came to visit us for a few days, which was a delight! The dogs, naturally, agreed.

Mom Chilling with My Pack

Hikes. Hikes. Hikes. Here are a few hiking pictures (for, really, I spend most of my days off exploring).

The Viewpoint of a Hike (bad day for it!)

The Scramble to the Viewpoint
This was one of my favourite hikes, possibly my favourite, though I'm torn between this and the one that followed it. SO amazing!!!!

Cooling off in Bridal Falls

With my friend gone on adventures, I lost my favourite hiking buddy; however, I still have good hiking companions, most recently Mr. Pants who decided (okay, he didn't really have a choice) to join me on a 10+ mile hike.
Piggyback Homer-pants

Short, sweet, and quick...but there's the beginning of an update. ;)

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  1. Your mini golf photo reminded me of this awesome group in NY called Improv Everywhere, where they turned a mini golf course into a championship tournament.