Friday, October 5, 2012

Budget Check-up and Check-in

I'm still struggling a little with the idea that it's October already. Don't get me wrong, I await this month all year with anticipation and excitement but I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to summer.

Here's where we stood at the end of August:

My National Student Loan $23,317.13
Lastly, my BC Student Loan at $6031.18

The loan against Gabe's 401K is now $405
The credit card is sitting heavy at $6350
Gabe's Student Loan is now down to $2358

Our debt total  from last month was $38,461.31.

Thrilled? Oh, yes. This month we continue to peck away at our debt totals.

In the Great White North my National Student Loan is a very heavy $23,100.97
My BC Student Loan is now the second highest debt load at $6059.10

In the States the loan against Gabe's 401K is down to $243
The evil (*insert expletive here*) credit card is at $5,863
Finally, Gabe's student loan is $2253

Our new debt total is $37,519.07.

We paid less than $1000 off on debt. Insert my unhappy face here...though we did this intentionally. We have a few unavoidable costs that came up, much of which involves the seasonal change, and had to modify our budget accordingly.

We're still on track to pay off our debt by 2014 December, which I know is awesome...but today it feels more like an ETERNITY! I get so angry when I think about how long I've been saddled with all this debt and how restricted I've felt and feel by it sometimes. Gabe has certainly been a help in ensuring I keep my insatiable need to kill debt under control and safeguard our quality of life. We're able to do some pretty amazing things with our budget, like our recent trip to Orlando and our upcoming trip to Spain, not to mention we're able to meet the costs of other needs, like a winter coat for me, without digging ourselves a bigger hole.

It's just that we don't fill in that gaping maw as quickly as I'd like.

But, let's be honest here, having it full and done and annihilated today would seem too slow for me!

Two years, three months. What an eternity it feels like today! I best brush off my patience!! 

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