Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I went home for Thanksgiving, which was a much needed rest from the States, though all too short. Photo recap of all events!

The City of Vancouver

The Nephew--look at those kissy lips!

A few bits of the food

First pumpkin of the year


Family, sans Kevin who took the photo

Dinner featured riveting conversation

Homemade pumpkin pie!!

Homemade blackberry pie!!


Moki and Danger

Me and Matt

Me and Andrea

Strong relation! Dad and Andrea

I feel super overwhelmed with all things US right now. In short, I'm sick of everything American and super culture shocked! Going home for Thanksgiving was great, but I could already use another break. Is it election season shock? Maybe...but I rather think it's just the States.


  1. What a lovely family!!

    Sorry to hear about the culture shock. <3 At least election season will be over very soon!

  2. What is the US doing to you?? We should chat soon and I can tell you stories about how we've been farted on TWICE here in India. That ought to make you forget about your election season overload, right? :)