Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Advent Calendar

I've always wanted to have a Halloween advent calendar and finally put one together this year. It's a temporary one, constructed out of paper and tape, but until I get my act together and sew the one I have in my mind, this will have to do (and it does a lovely job of it).

The Owl Halloween Advent Calendar

Adorable and Awesome
Why a Halloween advent calendar? Well, October is *obviously* the very best month of the year, and Halloween is *obviously* the most amazing holiday ever. This requires celebration...and an advent calendar is a lovely way to ensure you're making the most of each and every day. Inside each owl is a surprise for the two of us to enjoy. Most of the surprises are activities. Here's my list of activities (other days have tickets to see the Addams Family Musical, candy, or other little treats!):

Make caramel apple bites!

Visit a pumpkin patch!

Carve pumpkins

Out of for Shirley Temples or other Halloween-coloured drinks!

Decide Halloween costumes and start to gather supplies

Watch a Halloween movie (bonus candy for picking a scary one!)

Make pumpkin curry or soup!

Make large eyeballs to place in window

Decorate the windows!

Decorate inside the house!

Happy Anniversary!! (This because our second anniversary is tomorrow!!)

Go out for Anniversary Dinner! (On Thursday because I work Wednesday night)

Make Wicked Witch cookies!

Good morning! Make Pumpkin Spice waffles today!

Take a nature hike among all the changing leaves!

Wizard of Oz movie night!

Make a Halloween Wreath!

Make homemade candy corn today!

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