Friday, November 30, 2012

Best Sick Movies

I don't mean gross or disturbing movies when I say 'sick movies.' What I mean is movies to watch when you're feeling ill, your judgement is questionable, and you're in the mood for easy-to-follow fun. I've been down with a bad head cold these past few days, being three whole days. Today is the first day my head has felt composed enough to consider a movie, and there are a few choicey picks for the sick it bought I'd without further ado...
Cutthroat Island: a silly, simple romp with pirates
Pitch Black/ Chronicles of Riddick: eye candy mets horror & space travel
The 10th Kingdom: a fairy tales meet modern New York mini-series of seriously cheesy proportions
Crazy Stupid Love: the title says it all -- such a fun flick
Stardust: sweet, fantastical, wonderful

Those are the ones that come to mind. Add to my list if you're able! (Pants and I need more movies to pass the sick time.

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