Friday, November 30, 2012

Budget, Budget, Don't You Fudge It

It's the most wonderful time of the month! Budget time!

Last month my National Student Loan was at a beastly weight: $22,887.23
My BC Student Loan sat annoyingly heavier at $6087.91

The evil credit card was at $5052
Finally, Gabe's student loan was $2147

At the end of last month we owed $36,174.14.

So, what do we have this month?

My National Student Loan is still the ugliest of beasts at $22,655.31
My BC Student Loan may die of obesity at $6112.22

The evil credit card is thankfully dwindling and is now at $4297.95
Finally, Gabe's student loan is $2040.76

Our new debt total is $35,106.24

We have paid off $1067.90 this month in principle. 

Not too shabby considering how our focus this month was mostly on saving for our Spain trip. That trip's only five months away -- how crazy is that?!

Also, we had to do a lot of revamping in our budget due to Lemony joining our pack, an adjustment of the vet budget to name one such alteration. She's adjusting so well to life in the Joseph pack -- definitely a perfect match for us!

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