Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our Little Lemon

Lemony settled in well enough, though she was up all night trying to talk to us. Separation anxiety to be treated the same way we would the dogs (ignore them, don't encourage the behaviour), but when 4:30am rolled in and I hadn't had solid sleep, I abandoned the training and went to the couch. Lemony immediately joined me and started to share all her thoughts. Clearly had a lot to work through, but all night? I eventually went back to bed, only to have Belle wake me up what felt like moments later by dancing all over my body to alert me to 1) the fact she decided we had all gotten enough sleep now and were t we silly for trying to sleep more, and 2) the fact she very badly needed outside. So much for rest.

Tonight I work until 11pm, then tomorrow I work from 830am until 9pm. Yes, you read that correctly. I hope Lemony decides she's all out of stories. Or that Homey provides her with the ear she needs to feel loved at 3am.

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