Saturday, November 3, 2012


You know what you do with debt? You give it "a HA! And a HI-YA! And then a OUU-WA!" (And don't forget to get one last kick in for good measure). We've been doing just this with our debt, though last month our spending felt all over the place (and mostly insane). Our fridge broke in the beginning of the month, spoiling a huge amount of our food, and remained broken for about a week, which meant many one-day meals. This isn't a budget-friendly way to live. By the time we got our fridge back, our grocery budget was already excessive. We had to expand it by approximately $200 by the end of the month, which cut into other areas but we didn't add to our debt...we just didn't pay off as much as we had hoped.

So, let's take a look at our debt....

Last month we owed $37,519.07.

A brief look at Canada reveals an ugly National Student Loan at a beastly weight: $22,887.23
My BC Student Loan is now the second highest debt load at $6087.91 (I *hate* how this one is increasing!!!!! #@$#%$@%$#%!!!!)

The evil credit card is at $5052
Finally, Gabe's student loan is $2147

Our new debt total is $36,174.14.

This means we paid off $1344.93 of debt!!


We're rocking this. :) I'm so happy with how we've been working together to get rid of this burden, and we're on track to be rid of it by 2014 December still!

This month is our much-loved three paycheque month, so we're putting a significant chunk of money down on our trip to Spain in April. We've also been working on an Emergency Fund, which is getting steadily (slowly, but steadily) plumper. This was one of the changes we made to our finances since talking with Verhanika. I feel a lot better knowing we are growing an emergency safety net. I'm also surprised at how we've managed to incorporate it into our budget without hurting our debt repayment, travel fund, or (more importantly) living of life. Prioritizing is key! (And then ensuring you have a continued focus that's actually what you want!).

What else in new in life?

I had the very best surprise on Thursday when one of my best friends returned to Seattle (for keepsies!) and spent the day out and about town yesterday catching up. So thrilled!!! Beyond thrilled. Quite happy, really. Seattle feels more like home. :)

Gabe and I saw H & J with baby G (who makes these adorable sleep-snorts!) in the evening.

I've been doing a lot of volunteering with Scouts. This morning I co-facilitated a Teen Travel Workshop for girls interested in traveling with Scouts. It's a lot of fun, and knowing I'm making a small, positive difference is rewarding! A little time-consuming, a little time-crunchy, but always fun. :)


  1. Hey I know the boy scouts are not LGBT-friendly. Is your scouts group open and accepting of everyone? (I would assume so, since you are affiliated with them!)

    1. They definitely are!! If you identify as female, you can be a Girl Scout. I wouldn't consider being affiliated with them otherwise! One of many articles out there the documented the official policy of inclusion.