Friday, November 16, 2012

So Many Happenings in the Pack!

In no particular order, I offer you a few updates from the pack:

My hair is super cherry red, which looks pink in some lights, and red in others, and is a far cry from my natural brown.

Red in some light, pink in others -- love it!
I'm still taking salsa dance lessons and went to my first social dance. I realized I am now able to hold my own on the dance floor and follow new moves with good leads without on incident (I think I realized this when a lead triple-spun me on one hand, then switched to his other hand and took me in the other direction for a double-spin). The learning curve was fun, and I met a ton of new people, which is great! (Lala, I'm so far from your level!!!)

Homer is great. He continues to be hungry and tries to eat everything. He is also super adorable still.

Mr. Helpful Pants
Belle is on pain management medicine for her arthritis. It's working well and the sweet girl no longer face-plants on our walks. Gabe has also noticed she's more playful now, so we are seeing very positive changes. She is also 14...which leaves me in awe of how well she's doing!

Our Charming Princess
Gabe just celebrated his 33rd birthday! My sister was in town for the occasion and made sure he had a proper night out ( my cheap date hubby!). So much fun!!

Mr. Pants Administers Post-Party Night Massage

For his birthday I bought him a watch and told him a kitty was in his future if he wants one. He definitely wants one. We can't walk by a cat without Gabe reverting to his feline ways and speaking cat with them. We went to a foster kitty event, then he visited two shelters, and his favourite (and mine) is an 11-year-old black cat with lemon eyes and white whiskers named Lemony.

Miss Lemony Snicket

She'll be coming home today. We have the whole house prepped for her. I think Gabe is both excited and nervous. Our dogs don't notice cats, so we will have to see what she thinks of our pups.

Which sums up a good many pack updates. :)


  1. Wheeee salsa! Triple spins already - good job! I salsa-ed in Hyderabad after a few months break, and I was so tired after a couple of hours. WEAK! :)

    1. Hahaha. Only to your mind would that be weak! When you're back here and in top form you'll have to come visit (or I will) and we'll go out!