Sunday, November 18, 2012

Use Your Words

Having had such an unpleasant, chatty night previously, last night I decided to employ new tactics to prevent Lemony from holding 2am discussions. I speak dog, not cat, but I had time over the course of our sleepless evening to figure out a few things, or at least one important fact: Lemony started to talk when we stopped. Did she feel the need to fill the empty space, or did she need background noise? I doubted she required human companionship, so voices it was.

Just before we went to sleep, I put on an audiobook. Legend by Marie Lu to be exact, which features both a male and a female speaker. The result?

I learned we are interchangeable with an audiobook, which isn't so bad as my night was full of round, delicious dreams. Lemony is also more communicative in useful ways in the morning, too, and doesn't hesitate to lead me to the food dish or ask politely to be pet in a certain way.

All that said, I'm still a dog person. :)

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