Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Goodbye, 2012

Looking back on all we did in 2012 is kind of crazy. Here are a few highlights:

We bid 2011 goodbye at the Space Needle party.  

In 2012 March I became a Permanent Resident of the States and (more importantly!) moved in (kind of almost all the way!) with Gabe. I also opened my first US bank account.

In 2012 April I completed my transition to the States and bid my old job goodbye. Gabe and I went to San Francisco to visit family. I also donated my wedding dress to a good cause, which I'd been meaning to do for quite a few months! 

Life started to kick into gear in 2012 May when I had an interview at the Elliott Bay Book Company and landed my dream job. Gabe and I also combined our finances officially. This was also the month Homer ended up in the puppy emergency room for ingesting chocolate, my good friend got married, and Gabe and I tried rowing for the first time.  Wow. What a month.

Compared to the month before, 2012 June was quieter. Gabe and I continued to refine our finances. I went to my first Storm game, and much of our life was spent outside where the weather was improving!

In 2012 July I turned 29. I could think of no better way to spend my 29th birthday than to go to the Island. I started hiking every week at least once and kept it up until the weather turned. 

In 2012 August I was lucky enough to have my brother and later my sister and her boyfriend visit us in Seattle!! 

I think my favourite part of 2012 September was the trip we took to Orlando with Moki and Danger! Hard to beat a highlight like that!

In 2012 October Gabe and I celebrated our SECOND WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! :) I made an advent calendar for Halloween, went back to Canada for Thanksgiving, and then--highlight of highlights--had the privilege of being in the room when Hollie gave birth to wee baby Gavin

Finally, this month (being 2012 December), we celebrated Chanukah, and I went to the Island to set up my grandmothers' Christmas decorations and received Squeakers from Dad and Sue. I ended up getting very sick, then got better and walked on the Solstice with Hollie and her charming little man Gavin

Sleepy but Happy
Phew. That's a ton of update right there! I suppose I'll hold off on peeking into 2013 for now and will instead savour all we've accomplished this year! 

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