Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hello, 2013, You Wonderful Land of Adventure and Fun!

Okay, I've relished my 2012 time and am now ready to look forward to the future (seeing as there is one and the world did not, in fact, end). We have a number of adventures planned already, with quite a few more in the works. Let's see if I can go from small to large.

So, small... I'm going to start fiddle lessons mid-January to early February now that I have my fiddle, Squeakers.

By the end of 2013 March we will be FREE OF CREDIT CARD DEBT! WOOP WOOP!!!!!!!! We are going to throw a party for ourselves that will involve a romantic dinner or something similar.

I'm planning on decorating the condo with new windowboxes.

We're going to acquire new bathsheets and curtains.

Gabe is going to get his Open Water certificate (scuba-scuba)!

I will heal my knee so I can pass my DiveMaster test finally.

Our kitchen is going to be painted (figuring our a colour we agree upon is always an adventure in and of itself!).

...and now we've reached the travel plans.

Seattle recently passed a law requiring all businesses provide no less than five days of paid sick leave during the year for every full time employee. This wonderful perk has come with an unfortunate consequence: my vacation time has gone from 15 to 12 days in order to accommodate the new policy. Goodbye to long and luxurious vacations while I'm at the bottom of the seniority pool.

Now, I am able to use sick time towards vacation, but my recent sickness depleted every last sick day I'd earned this year. Yeowch. We've had to say so long to Spain in 2013 April, postponing it until 2014 April.

Okay, before you start to feel any sadness and/ or pity for this sad state of affairs, allow me to reveal our new 2013 vacation plans to you:

We start the year with a trip to Maui in 2013 January. Just a few days for Gabe's work (rough life, right?), but a delicious few sun-and-scuba days! Soooo excited!

The next trip we have planned is 2013 July, when we go to Tofino for a few days to learn how to surf and to celebrate a number of fantastic, notable birthdays.

Now, as much as I love North America, I will go crazy if I don't leave it, so we're planning a longer trip of 11 or so days to an undecided location in 2013 October. We've narrowed our options down to the following trip ideas (presented in no particular order):

Israel and Jordan

Egypt and Jordan

Turkey and Greece

Barcelona and Morroco

Tough choices, eh? Compared to the list we keep, though, this is a much more reasonable list of options to consider. We have a budget and (obviously) a limit to the number of vacation days available, so we're now examining what we want to do at each of these places and whether 2013 October is a reasonable time to do it.

Oh, budgets. We'll need about $10,000 for the Peru trip we want to do in 2015, then about $20,000 for the trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro and Tanzania we want to do in 2016. Travel, you are terribles expensive! But oh-so worth every penny!!

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