Saturday, December 22, 2012

Weasley Sweaters and Other Adventures

I had a quintessential States moment with my dear Hollie yesterday. She commented on how horrified I must be with the recent and ongoing shootings in the country. I am. Horribly so. It's unimaginable.

She then made mention of the movie theatre incident. I thought she meant the Batman one in Colorado. She then said, "No, the Oregon one." I then asked her if she meant the mall shooting in Portland. She said no, not that mall shooting. The movie theatre incident in Tillamook... where the student found a loaded handgun with a bullet chambered, safety off, under his movie seat.

Nothing in my previous experience could have possibly prepared me to be living in a country where I can't keep the shootings straight because they happen so often, continuously, and a great many people are too willfully stupid and self-absorbed to see the connection between guns and gun violence.

But let's not dwell on the negative. Let's instead turn our attention to the adorableness that is my little nephew in his homemade (c/o my sister) Weasley family sweater.

Perfectly Appropriate

A Young Wizard in the Making
My sister is magical, a real wizard. So impressed with the sweater! And how can you not be impressed with the wee little man modeling it?

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