Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Budget Is a Thing with Numbers in It

Oh, how I love to review the bu-udget! Oh, how I want our debt to die! 

Last month we had a few rather large expenditures. We went to Maui, which depleted a bit of our Travel Savings. Belle went to the vet, oh what, four or five times? 

Last month our debt total was $33,583.11.

Okay, a horrified glance up at Canada shows the my National Student loan is $22,232.68, and my BC Student Loan has increased to $6172.55.

Down here in the States the credit card of all evil is at $2600, and the student loan is at $1827. 

Our new debt total here is $32,832.23

This means we have paid off $750.88 in debt this January

Yes, it's not our greatest month, but I'm actually surprised we managed to pay off so much at all! With the vet bills, our own medical bills (don't ask, sore subject that involves me hating on the States), unexpected travel to Canada (in addition to known travel), and knowing we wanted to keep our safety cushion in check, we knew this month wouldn't be the greatest. That said, we are still on track to have the card paid off by 2013March. That is such a huge accomplishment! We still have to figure out how we're going to celebrate (I suspect it will start with the Happy Dance). 

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