Sunday, March 3, 2013

Life Goal Accomplished!!!!

Okay, I wrote that title as I sat in the Photo Op queue at the Emerald City Comicon. My first thought? I hope I didn't just jinx my chances. Oh, superstition.

So, instead of having a lie-in on a Sunday when neither Gabe nor I had work, we woke up early and rushed through the morning in order to get to the Washington State Convention Centre where we planned on sitting in various lines from 9:30am until sometime after noon.
My Honey is so good to me!

The Second of Many Lines
How to Survive Long Queues: Audiobooks

What could possibly prompt us to sacrifice a much desired lie-in? A life goal and a means to accomplish it.

For only $85, you may now accomplish Life Goals!

Today I check another life goal off the list, as I have now met Patrick Stewart, and he is more lovely and handsome in real life than I imagined. :)

Sir Patrick Stewart!!! OMFG!!!!!

In related news, I learned that if you put me next to any one cosplaying Doctor Who, I suddenly become a sexy TARDIS or Dalek. /head desk

Do I look like a TARDIS to you?

Also, if you look pretty and/ or have an awesome tattoo, people will take your picture regardless of whether it not you're in costume.

Gabe: OVEWHELMED,  Justus: Giggly

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