Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monthly Update

I think I need to start doing a monthly update on life. It seems as though so many things change in such a small amount of time.

Let me start with our pack. Belle was at the emergency clinic again this week with yet another UTI. It seems as though it may be hormonal and there's nothing we can really do to stop them from happening. Right now she is back on amoxicillin and will stay on it until we get more test results back. I will be taking them into the vet again this Thursday. Homer will be joining us this time because he needs his rabies and other shots.

We are trying to keep Belle as comfortable as is possible. And for the most part we are pretty successful.

For the last few weeks and for the next few weeks, Gabe is in Portland during the weekdays. He is working on a large transition project that is taking up a lot of his time and energy. This, of course, means that he's suffering from migraines and other health and exhaustion issues. There is an end in sight, but it's little comfort when you're run ragged and not home.

When he is home, he is doing very well. We are working still on organizing our house and trying to figure out what systems we can put in place to keep things cleaner.

I will be doing our budget update soon, but in the meantime our budget this month got a little broken through various means, including the dogs and medical bills.

I am still in physiotherapy; however, I am now down to going once every three weeks instead of every week. This has taken me about a year to accomplish. My knee is still not 100%. I still have a long way to go until it is fully functional, but I am getting so much closer. I have a ton of exercises to do, which I do regularly and so far it's going really well. I even get to return to dance class next month. I just need to remember not to push it.

I am learning patience.

I have now been taking fiddle lessons for the last month and a half. I even played for Court and Danger the other day via Skype. Well, "played" is a generous term. I played a single string and at one point a double stop, which is two strings. My greatest accomplishment right now is that I don't make Squeakers squeak or scream. I am really enjoying the absolute challenge playing the fiddle provides.

At work I have been offered another position promotion again. This one involves buying and a whole lot of responsibility. I am actually really excited to take this on and will be training for the next few months.

Speaking of training, I have an interview with CASA, the court appointed special advocate program for children in foster care. All of my amazing references got the reference letters as soon as they could, which means I will be eligible (if I pass the interview) to take the next training session which starts on April 5. I have been meaning to volunteer with this program for a while and finally feel settled enough in my new home to take on this new responsibility. Keep your fingers crossed for me. My interview is on Friday.

With the weather improving, and spring well underway, I am so excited about being able to return to the outdoors...which pretty much sums up this update.

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