Monday, April 1, 2013

When You Go Over Your Budget...

...don't actually go OVER it.

A part of me is dreading sharing our finances this month...because we didn't do well, though Gabe likes to remind me we didn't do poorly when we look at the BIGGER picture. I'm not very good at looking that the BIGGER picture, though, and tend to fixate on that stupid Beast of Debt Monster, the sum and total of our ongoing repayment for past borrowing (and in many cases silliness). Okay, now I'm being judgey, and that's not a help part of the budgeting process. I didn't know, made financial explorations, and now repay them, in full, with interest.

/head desk

Last month we owed $31,519.

Here's where we currently sit:

In the Great White North my National Student Loan is now sitting at $21,755.74.
My BC Student Loan, meanwhile, is now at $6331.51.

In the States the student loan is now $1613.

Kind-of-okay but not-really-that-great so far, eh?

Aaaaand, the credit card is unchanged at $1500.

Our new debt total is $31,200.25...not so different from the month before.


..let's talk about this, as we did not manage to pay off *anything* on the credit card at all this month. We just managed to keep our total exactly the same. This is never my idea of fun. This is never my idea of a good idea. This is a bad, bad, bad idea...but this month we didn't have any other choice.

So, what went so horribly wrong? A few things.

First, we had yet another unexpected emergency visit to the vet that cost just over $400...and then we had two regular visits that brought our vet total up to $1000 of fun expenses. 

We also blew a few budgets (clothing, groceries), which were completely avoidable and can only be chalked up to poor decisions and bad budgeting choices. We've discussed this and are going to be much, much better in the future.

We also had to transfer $800 up to Canada unexpectedly to deal with a threatened lump-sum withdraw from the government for my student loans. How did this come about? Bureaucracy made of idiots. Obviously. They haven't followed through with what they said was "standard procedure" for when they "miscalculated an owed amount" (no amount was miscalculated), and while I think we may be safe for now, I'm don't trust them at all (they recently lost all of my personal information, including my Social Insurance Number and other identification perfect of identity thieves), so that money can sit up in Canada to protect us from an overdraft charge and/ or a bounced repayment. 

So, the $1200 of unexpected expenses is what we didn't pay off on our debt this month, and unfortunately the credit card had to be the debt that didn't get touched. 

We were planning on being out of credit card debt in March, but we weren't able to meet that goal. Given that Homer requires serious dental surgery on May 01 (in the amount of $1700), we won't be meeting that repayment goal this April, either...but we will make it, and on top of that, we have a plan to make up for the lost repayment time. Just watch, 2014 December will mark the end of our debt, and if you want in, we'll invite you out to our debt-free-at-last celebration dinner.

Can you see it? I can!

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