Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Budgetary Consideration

So...it's been two months...how's life?

After our one year Statesiversary, our lives shifted in a few significant ways, one of which dramatically affects our budget going forward.

Let me first start with the small changes: 

A few days after my "I've had my tongue piercing for half my life now" date, I took it out. I wasn't any less fond of it, nothing significant had changed with it...it was just time for it to come out. My tongue is now very bare.

I am now a Court-Appointed Special Advocate for children in foster care and have taken on my first case. It's complicated and confidential, but suffice to say I'm trying to do good in the world.

I get to go hiking again!

I stopped cutting my hair in a pixie and am slowly letting it grow out. We have mostly awkward moments now, but those should pass with time. And length.

Also, still purple. 

Last week I finally got my Last Unicorn quotation tattooed on my skin. I adore it to pieces and am kind of in awe at how quickly it has been healing.

I'm being trained to take over the buying and managing of non-book items ("sidelines") in the store. It's a ton of new skills and work and is pretty awesome. I love new learning curves!

The Canadian government has decided I owe them money for the tax return. I made $22,000 while I lived in Canada but owe them money. It's almost funny but mostly sucks.

Over the past few months we've been trying to get our house refinanced. The appraiser told us our place is worth $260,000, which is less than we owe on it, and means that in order to refinance we'd need to bring in $25,000 cash to pay the difference, close the other loan, etc.

Yeah. Because that kind of money and us is likely.

Okay, not likely, but now doable.

Gabe's grandmother Claire passed away recently. While this has been an incredibly sad loss, it was also very much what she wanted for a long time now. She left her family with an inheritance, part of which went to her grandchildren. It is this gift that is helping us refinance the condo, so we can save hundreds of dollars each money on the mortgage and get out of debt (or just live without such severe crunchy numbers) sooner.

Let's talk regular budget for a moment, because we passed some milestones...

Back in April our debt total was $31,200.25. What a devastating number! Here is where we are today, two months later...

In the Great White North my National Student Loan is now sitting at $21,369.15
My BC Student Loan, meanwhile, is now at $6155.30.

In the States the student loan is now $1289.31

Aaaaaaand the credit card....no longer exists. Well, it exists. But the debt on that sucker? GONE!

So, we owe a grand and devastating total of $28,813.76

I somehow hoped it would be more, which Gabe points out is ridiculous and not very realistic at all. He also points out that Mint.com thinks we have positive net worth now.

There's food for thought. 

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