Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Life and Dancing Like It

Now that we're out of refinance stasis, let's have a look at our current numbers:

Last month we owed $28,503.76.

This month:
Canada Student Loan $20,616
British Columbia Student Loan $5918.87
States Student Loan $1073

Our grand total this month is $27,607.87
We're closer to being back on track now, and next month will be even better!!

So, what else is new?

We went to Disneyland!!

Me & Gabe

Me & Megan

Oh, Gabe's face...

Halloween Mouse Ears!

Loitering in Disney Doorways
Swallowed by the Whale
Gabe & Iron Man BFFs
Space Mountain faces

Aside from that, I've been continuing to take salsa classes every month and am moving up to the next level in September. I'm also taking tango classes at a tango school. Tango is insanely challenging and oh-so-precise. While one may fake-it-til-you-make-it in salsa to some degree, tango invites disaster to all who fail to learn it's exact steps. The results of proper learning, of course, stunning, and it's great to be learning a dance that's so intense and challenging!

Work is busy and challenging now that I'm head of the non-book and maps departments, but excellent. I'm still drowning in books (it's a delightful way to go). The pack's healthy and our home is shaping up into a more organized, less cluttered magical sort of place.

Life is glorious.

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