Monday, September 30, 2013

October, You're the Best!

Let's start with the mandatory debt update, because when the Beast is smaller than before, I become even happier than I usually am, so...

Last month we owed $27,607.87.

This month our numbers look like the following:

BC Student Loan: $2,863.29
National Student Loan: $20,390.63
States Student Loan: $963.19

 Our new grand (that's completely the wrong makes debt sound noble) total is $24,217.11.

This means we paid off $3,390.76 in debt this month, which is phenomenal! Woo hoo!!

We are still on track to be out of debt (OUT OF DEBT!!!) by 2014 December.

I have commenced the Happy Dance.

In other happy, shiny, delightful news: 
Gabe and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary on the third! 

We have a fancy dinner planned to celebrate (Seattle makes settling on one fancy restaurant difficult!) and lots of time together, which is a treat considering our schedules don't often mesh well (though we are now experts are squirreling away sweet moments).

In just a few short days I go to Portland for the Pacific National Booksellers Association tradeshow: three full days of books, authors, feasts, and fun! I'm excited -- the last time I went to a tradeshow I ended up with my mind overflowing with new ideas (and my arms overflowing with new books!). Not that I need new books, exactly. I now have enough in my to-read pile I could crush an elephant with their weight.

After the tradeshow, I have only one more day in Seattle before Gabe & I leave for Iceland! Most of our trip is already lightly shaped into various activities (Icelandic ponies! Northern lights! Sheep farms! Hot springs! Arctic foxes! Bookshops! Road trip! History! Stories! Fishing villages! Trolls!), but we've also made sure we have a fair bit of time to explore, quest, and get lost in this other country.

Trying to learn a few words and phrases in Icelandic has been challenging -- the diphthongs and our tongues don't like each other very much. I do, however, have "please," "thank you," and "yes/ no" under my belt, in addition to basic greetings and a few rules of thumb (the main stress is always on the first syllable).

With all this travel, I won't be here much at all this October... And when we return, we have family coming to visit us, and then we go down in Portland to visit more family! A whirlwind month, certainly, but one full of adventure (which is only appropriate for my favourite month of the year). I have acquired all the supplies Gabe and I need for our costumes, so I suppose I ought sit down and actually put together our original Robin & Batgirl outfits!

After October is finished, it's time to start the next step in the immigration process...because we're not done with the paperwork, photo timelines, fees, or any other aspect of living in a foreign country.

That's about it for updates. I'll be posting pictures and updates to the blog when we travel...maybe...

Okay, if not while traveling, I'll do one afterwards in summary. Who wants a postcard?

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