Friday, October 4, 2013

Princess Suicide Belle

I want to tell you about Belle. 

We adopted her (she picked us) after a visit to S.A.I.N.T.S. Rescue in Mission, BC. She was in a corral with senior and sick dogs with special needs, and amidst the chaos she came and sat at our feet. 

"You need to take me home," she said.

We didn't take her home. Not that day. We went back and talked about her, wrote the shelter and asked about her. 

And she was right. We did need to take her home. 

In December of 2010, our pack grew to encompass 12-year-old Belle, who was once Bonita. The first day she came home we sat on the couch together and shared a box of pizza. 

Adopting a senior dog is different in ways you expect and ways you couldn't imagine. Her health was not the best when she came into our lives and found her forever home: chronic ear infections, stiff joints, and first-stage kidney failure had all been identified. We didn't know how long she had, but we knew we would be her Forever. 

Belle just celebrated her 15th birthday. We never expected her to be with us for so long when we adopted her, but then time passed and we grew together and fell in love in so many ways, on so many occasions. 

Imagining our pack without her, imagining our lives without her, became less tangible, even as she grew older. She is a silly, sweet creature who believes with all her sweet and good heart that Gabe makes the world go round. 

Knowing our time with her is limited has made knowing her all the sweeter, made seeing all her accomplishments so much more joyous. We have been present and mindful with her in ways you forget to be when you don't see an end.

We've always known she is ours on borrowed time.

And it has been such a gift!

Belle has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphoma. Our time together now has an end more concrete than we can wrap our hearts around, more immediate than our minds want to accept.

We are keeping her comfortable for her last few days with us and have arranged for the vet to come to our home on Wednesday.

She is such a happy, funny girl and has filled our hearts with more love than can be contained. Her presence is a sweetness we have been blessed to know. 

And we have been her Forever.



  1. I'm so sorry, hon. I'm tearing up. Your little family and Belle have been so good for each other. <3

  2. Such goodness a sweet pup brings... and Belle brought the best! Bless you and Gabe for your goodness. Big Love to all...