Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bibbity Bobbity Budgety Boo

When I miss a month update, I think you can pretty much guarantee it's because I've avoiding the obvious lack of progress on the budgeting front.

When last we met, the Debt Beast was a whopping $22,200.85.

At this moment our debt sits at $21,272.18.

This would be grand if it weren't for the fact that the total above was from 2014 January...three months ago.

We're way behind on our debt payments. In the past three months we've paid less than $1000, which is our monthly target. In order to make our debt goals, we'd now have to pay...

Actually, we still have to pay about $1100 per month to meet our goal.

The trick is we actually have to pay it.

Gabe likes to tell me we decided to pay only the minimums for a few months in order to build up a reserve in the Canada account. All I see is debt. Debt is not a logical thing. It exists...therefore we have failed.

I'm not really big on the logic. I see this.

So, we're $21,272.18 in debt. We'll see what it's like next month.

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