Monday, February 1, 2016

Goals for 2016

I am incredibly driven, focused, and organized and have a solid sense of my own desires and abilities. These attributes translate well into realistic goal setting, and I have gone from one goal to another for most of my life. I write a lot about my financial goals, but I have other goals I'd also like to accomplish this year.

The first promise I made to myself this year is that I would go horseback riding no fewer than four times, or once every three months. I was so determined to meet this goal that I took G riding with me on New Year's Day. 

I also used my Christmas money from Dad and Sue to buy myself a real equestrian helmet (an item I've coveted fiercely since childhood), flashy riding gloves, two horse magazine subscriptions, a few horse books, and the 2004 Breyer horse (okay, so that doesn't help me ride but my childhood and Halloween selves are thrilled out of their heads).

Obviously, with the goal of riding at heart, I want to take weekly lessons, but there's no way too afford them just now. Riding lessons are $75 an hour for private lessons, $65 for shared lessons. Either way, that's out of our financial reach (to say nothing of the transportation costs of vehicle maintenance, gas, etc.) So, in the interest of baby-stepping goals, I'm starting with the achievable, measurable beginning of going riding once every three months. Next year we may have the ability to do more where my riding dreams are concerned (if I'm miraculously cured and actually able to work, this will be the case), but for now I'm just thrilled to be riding at all!

Since being sick, my hobbies and passions have also had to evolve. I recently took up piano, which I absolutely adore, and have a great instructor at Seattle's Music Factory. My 2016 piano goals involve getting most of "The Funeral Song" from "Pan's Labyrinth" under my belt and start learning Disney's "Grim Grinning Ghosts." 

Actually, my dad and I spent time during his visit playing piano together and it was wonderful. I'm going to have the piano he grew up using one day (for now the only part of it that fits in our apartment is the bench!).

My other art-related goals are to finish the rooms in my 1/12 scale miniature haunted manor, Eidolon Manor ( and teach myself how to make a blank ball-joint doll into a completely done up doll. 

Eidolon has been coming along well. The biggest challenge is finding cost-effective ways of doing what I want to have done! That and figuring out how to do all the effects I want in 1/12 scale (I'm determined to work out a good Pepper's Ghost effect). I like updating Tumblr with my progress. 

I recently bought this blank ball-joint doll and will be dying the skin, blushing the body, and painting its face, in addition to making it a wig, eyes, clothes, etc. 

To practice I've started to work on the ball-joint doll I bought in Japan more than a decade ago (!). I'm changing her "faceup" (the paint on her face) and turning her into a sea witch, which means I'll be modding her body, adding additional features, and trying out my steep learning curve on her. 
I started by sculpting miniature barnacles to adhere to her skin. 

My ideal goal with her is to create a good sea witch look for her, then sell her and either save the money I make (my current modus operandi) or buy the Doll Chateau Hilary blank I covet:

I like to think I will be the responsible hoom and save the money. I could nearly get a month's worth of horseback riding lessons for what she costs new (but never buy new, always buy used).

In terms of writing goals this year I am writing a horse story (no surprises there) and have been getting my days started by writing three pages first thing upon waking. I've been doing that since September and have only missed one day--the day after my surgery. It's my new favourite habit. I usually write in front of a lit candle with a cup of tea. 

Prioritizing artistic pursuits has been my soul-saver since I became ill. I still miss dance and all my other active hobbies, but having such detail-intense work at home has been a balm in the face of substantial loss. And having goals always brings me great joy. 

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