Thursday, March 3, 2016

Jewish Learning

Nearly two years ago G and I enrolled in a Jewish class. We were both really excited about the syllabus and rabbis and thrilled to be learning together. We made it to three classes before my health plummeted and I was diagnosed with chronic EBV. Since then, I've thought about the class every semester and often hoped to join but never had enough, oh, health points to make it happen. 

Until now. We've enrolled again and hope to actually make it all the way through the course this time. I've got a lot more supports in place than ever before and have started serious meal planning to better preserve my energy and resources. It's insane how much preparation is mandatory for me to even consider participating in what would once have been an easy option to incorporate into my life. Even with all these medical considerations and supports, there's still a good chance it'll end up being too much and have a negative affect on my health. G's going with me to a doctor's appointment tomorrow where we start to plan next steps in management, diagnosis, and treatment of my body's various maladjusted manifestations, but in the meanwhile I have to take each day as it comes. With all its unpredictability. 

But back to Jewish class. I love it. I really do. I love learning about Judaism. I love debating interpretations of text. I have so much fun with the people who are also taking the course (in my own severely introverted way). Today was the first class for this new semester. It goes late for me (9pm is past my bedtime), and after a day of work it's not easy to gather the energy I need, but the rewards are pretty clear. I'm psyched to do my readings and journaling and inquisitive study. 
Study-buddy Kitty is also pleased with this new learning business. 

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