Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Delightful Failure of Bat Skirt

One of my favourite sewists is Sanae Ishida . She's this rather wonderful, very grounded creative spirit with a book coming out this month. That's actually the reason I found her.

Sewing Happiness
One of my coworkers very kindly passed a finished copy along to me at work one day. She thought it was exactly the book for me, and being the experienced bookseller she is, she was exactly right. In alignment with what one hopes of a sewing book, the sewing projects are fabulous, but what really grabbed me and made me love the book all the more was Sanae's story. Sanae had a six-figure job and was, like most people, caught up in the rush of Success. Whether working overtime or taking on more projects, her life emulated the American rat race ideal. Until her body unexpectedly announced it had other plans for her. Reading about another person suffering from chronic illness and going through a lot of the same struggles, especially when Sanae refocuses on what really matters to her, was a healing balm. When she realized she couldn't continue living the way she was and survive, she uprooted all she knew and started from scratch. That meant quitting her job, revamping her diet, making lifestyle changes, and putting her energy into her creativity, her family, and love. Part of her creative passion is sewing, and her book has a number of very sweet, fun patterns. I'm excited to be able to handsell it, and my coworker gave it to me just as I was starting my bat skirt.

I rather like serendipitous moments. 

Of course, having read the title of this post, you have realized my bat skirt has failed to "skirt."

Sanae recently posted a sewing failure on her Instagram, and I just happened to have failed at bat skirt that day. Seeing her post on her fail made me really happy. My own "fail" made me even happier. Even with its unwearable flaws, I love that I tried. Acknowledging and celebrating the creative attempts that don't work out quite right is just as important as relishing those that do. 

Pockets are trickier than I thought and the Mountie Hips became less Mountie but more awkward. 

Bat Skirt attempt #1 didn't quite pan out, but I'm already planning on grabbing more of the same fabric for Bat Skirt attempt #2. Wish me luck!

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