Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Where the Spendy-Spendy Goes

Every month G and I give ourselves Spendy-Spendy money in the amount of $100 each to cover all the superfluous spending we want to do. It generally keeps our budget intact as all those impulse coffees (Gabe) and random book grabs (me) are covered under the Spendy-Spendy umbrella. I'd like my Spendy-Spendy money to be more Spendy-Savings, so I'm starting to track just where my money goes, before it goes places, if possible. 

With that in mind, here's where my February Money went:
$50 -- bjd (luckily not a recurring cost)
$15 -- book (I'm hoping to be better about this type of spending)
$15 -- comics...damn (I've cut down on my subscriptions significantly)
$15 -- Haunted Mansion book (I'll probably always fall prey to the Halloween things)
$5 -- Rada photos (because sending your grandmother photos is always a good idea)

I can't say many good things about my illness, but there is this: I now never get coffee, tea, or food out. Everything is from home. While this offers its own struggles and challenges, it does help my Spendy-Savings situation. 

Now that a new month is upon us, I have new Spendy-Savings goals for March:

$23 -- comprehensive sewing book

$20 -- rebreather mask
$15 -- comics

$42 -- savings 

Potential failures, er, adjustments may include my upcoming three-day trip to the Island. I do think I'll be pretty okay and on track this month, though. And that's a nice feeling to have. 

That said, I could be better about those comics...

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