Friday, April 15, 2016

A Body Called Boobytrap

My body is having a rough go of life just now, or is simply throwing me through the ringer out of spite. What follows is an account of the health stupidity of last couple weeks. 

First, attempts to control potential environmental allergens met with (temporary?) failure when had to stop an allergy medication because it started to give me migraines. Nobody likes migraines. Nobody. So I stopped those pills and now await my end-of-May allergist appointment. 

These past couple of weeks I've been dizzy and often lose my vision when I stand or am standing, occasionally while I'm sitting, too. 

My blood pressure has been low for years, like really low (hello days of 70/30) and my good days look like 90/50. 

Despite this, I'm not often sick or dizzy. I'm used to having low blood pressure and usually increase my salt intake to help alleviate the symptoms but it's not as consistently helpful just now. And by "increase my salt intake" I mean everything gets drowned in salt until the point my tongue protests because that's what keeps the dizzy gross at bay. Right now, though, it's just not cutting it. 

I've also been having a hard time with leg weakness. In the past I've occasionally had my legs suddenly feel weak (often when I climb stairs). The feeling of weakness starts in my lower back/hips and moves down from there very quickly. It feels like the energy rushes out of my legs, like its quickly drained. Just whoosh! Energy gone!

It's very different from exercise-related muscle fatigue--my legs aren't tired; they're just suddenly without strength. Previously I've been able to slow my steps and walk through it, with my legs returning to normal shortly thereafter as though nothing happened. These past few weeks, though, I've not been able to walk or even keep myself standing when it happens. And it's now not just when I climb stairs. 

When it happens, I have to sit down because I can't support myself, and it takes my legs longer to regain their strength. The weakness passes, but it's been a constant occurrence as of late. It doesn't necessarily coincide with days when my blood pressure is low either. 

To add to the fun, last week at work, I also started vomiting unexpectedly and had to go home. Nothing seems to have caused it or preceded it. I went from being fine to having horrific nausea and throwing up in the span of a moment while in the middle of a customer interaction. No migraines or potential food triggers or anything I could normally account for. 

The real icing on the cake today is that my spleen is all enlarged again. Large enough to make a noticeable difference to my abdomen and causing me enough pain that I'm curled up in bed bemoaning my body. 

Seriously. I am so tired of being in my body. It's a bloody boobytrap. 

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