Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Upgraded Distractions for Better Living

I am no stranger to insane goals, but my most recent (and sudden) ambition brings my planning madness to new heights, especially with my health.

But let's talk about health. Oh, health. The specialist appointments continue. I have now seen the Endocrinologist (and the doctor was phenomenal) and do not have Addison's Disease or any adrenal dysfunction. It's a weird moment of YAY!!! NOT SICK WITH THOSE!!! and answers. It is not as crushing a disappointment as I feared (let's face it, I just really don't want to be sick), which perhaps means I'm gaining a bit of equanimity when it comes to being sick (ha).

I have also now seen the Allergist (another very good doctor) and come away without a single allergy.

This kind of blows my mind.

In childhood I was allergic to my pets, dust, and peanuts. Now: nothing. I am free to cuddle the cat, curl up with Homer, and inhale all the bookish dust I please. More than that, none of the food I react to is related to allergies.

For the first time, I've been officially diagnosed with non-IgE mediated food hypersensitivity, or non-allergic food hypersensitivity, which are both fancy ways of saying food intolerance. This means my immune system is not responding to the food I eat (yay!), but it also means that my body is not able to digest food properly.

Unfortunately, research in this area is severely limited and only just now being explored (and not with much motivation -- food intolerance isn't exactly the cash cow of the US medical system). Theories as to why this occurs include a lack of appropriate digestive enzymes, expose to chemicals and toxins, salicylate sensitivity, and food additives to name a few. The treatment most effective? Stop eating the foods that cause a reaction.

While not the most life-changing diagnosis, as we already know I can't eat certain foods and have shifted our entire lives accordingly, it means I am now able to tell my doctors quite clearly how to categorize the endless foods I cannot eat.

Sadly, even food intolerance doesn't explain the fatigue, thrombocytosis, or any other medical issues we've been trying to understand. I see the GI specialist (another fabulous and enthusiastic doctor) on Friday for a dual-procedure (oh my).

In the meantime, my mind's been working overtime trying to come up with suitable distractions and fun avoidance techniques. Then on Monday evening, while at a Mariners game (yay Jewish Community Night!), the Perfect Beast of Impossibility found its way into my life. But more on that later (I have a few details that need say the least).

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