Thursday, June 23, 2016

One Month of Running

I remember being healthy and not having to weigh my every minute against the possibility of becoming more sick. It has been nearly three years since I became chronically ill, but it's been more like two years of me figuring out how very judicious and conscious I have to be about how I spend my energy. 

I've been running three times a week for about a month now. Both G and I have managed to stay injury-free and keep to our schedule (except for a cold that kicked G's butt for more than a week).

And for the most part, it feels good. 

We take a selfie for Runkeeper after every run, a tradition I love. You can see how we felt after going out. 

It hasn't been the easiest. I've been going to Physio to make sure my body, particularly my knees, stay in good shape, and I've had to sleep longer and harder (and take up daily naps) in order to accommodate this new energy expenditure. 
Having G run with me makes all the difference in the world. Running up hills by myself is très lame. 

In a month our intervals have gone from running 10 seconds, walking 50 seconds to running thirty seconds, walking 60 seconds, which is huge progress. 
And we're both pretty happy with that. 

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