Sunday, June 5, 2016

One Month, Then Birthday!

Double-digits seem lucky, and in one month I turn 33. Birthday!! The best present for me? Goals. Doing stuff. Achieving things. Typical me things. I think I'd like to accomplish 33 goals in my 33 year. But fun goals. Really fun goals. 

Off the top of my head I can name three goals I'd like to accomplish at 33:

1) Finish the Doctor Strange 10km run at Disneyland. 

2) Finish the Avengers Half-Marathon at Disneyland. 

3) Get my Halloween tattoo sleeve done. 

A good start, right? I only need 30 more items. Other items that now come to mind include:

4) Complete a NaNoWriMo novel in November. 

5) Learn to play "Grim Grinning Ghosts" on the piano at a decent speed.

6) Take an oil painting course.  

I'll have to come back to this. But yes. My 33rd year will feature 33 achievements. Because reasons. 

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