Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Problem of Chronic

On Friday and Saturday of last week we tried to do an inventory at the store and managed to get through our most challenging section in the store. Unfortunately, I spent about five to six hours doing the inventory the first day, which damaged my knees and legs. No amount of ice at home or taking it easy was enough to convince them they were fine. Clearly, they weren't. I spent my weekend with huge bags of ice of my legs, painkillers on a schedule, and lower half of my body elevated. 

Ginny helping...

Come Wednesday, I thought I could handle a 30-minute run. I wasn't wrong based on my apparent recovery, but my knees and legs were still in their hypersensitive state and I ballooned with painful inflammation once again. At Physio on Thursday my PT spent the entire hour trying to get my legs to calm down, and I left with strict instructions to rest. I listened. I do tend to listen to specific instructions. Gabe went running alone on Friday while I enjoyed the company of a good friend (who was hogged by Ginny).

If you have to sit out a run, this is the way to do it.

By the time Sunday rolled around I was mostly recovered. Certainly recovered enough to go on our 8K run. We actually did so well I ended up with a personal record. 

The problem with my inflammation isn't going to go away. It's the whole reason I'm in PT. In this hypersensitive body it takes next to nothing to trigger an avalanche of debilitating swelling and pain. And I'm learning I can only do so much. Whether or not I'm going to be able to complete the back-to-back races has yet to be seen. And, in all honesty he, I probably won't know until the day of each race whether or not my body is going to let it happen.

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