Friday, August 5, 2016

A Little More than Two Months in...

Well, we've been at this running thing for a little more than two months now. I haven't (quite) died yet; Gabe's kept up; and the weather's been nothing short of fine.  

Green Lake has become our Sunday destination run, but as we move into further distances,we'll be trying out new trails.  

The day I turned 33. 

You can tell I was crashing here. Details in That Wall Tho

We had our first run in Canada!

The day I really crashed. 

Post-crash I realized I needed to support my body better on any run longer than 30 minutes, so I bought this lovely contraption. 

I also learned how to make a homemade electrolyte drink that I now take on my runs. It's made a big, big difference!

We are getting stronger and faster. 

I've been reading more books about running. 

Gabe's lost a little more than seven pounds since we started! His target is to lose another 20. 

My favourite photos are the ones we pull faces. It usually means we had a good run and finished feeling good. 

This green shirt is my new Hogwarts Running Club shirt! I'm in Slytherin and love it!

This shirt. So good. And totally badass. 

We do try to remember sunscreen. 

But first thing in the morning we do forget sometimes. 

Our intervals are now at 30 seconds of running, 35 seconds of waking. We hit an even 30/30 this Sunday!!

Not so long ago we were at 5 seconds running, 55 seconds walking. We've come a long way!

And that feels good. 

My current personal records.

I've gone 123.24 miles for charity!

And finally, this new running shirt marks the beginning of my Winter Soldier costume!! Our RunDisney adventure is only 98 days away!

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