Sunday, September 18, 2016

Running Costume

Our RunDisney costumes continue to come together. I think I finally have a feasible quiver put together for us! 

Yay for the purple pool noodle! And yay for that stellar arrow! Not so sure about the elastic straps (chafing?!). We'll have to test them out on our 12.6km run this weekend! If the quivers work, then we are all set for our Hawkeye costumes...and I'll start work on our Captain America and Winter Soldier looks for the 10km (or should those be our half-marathon costumes?). 


  1. You're never heard from me before but just discovered you, and your writings/sharing early this posting of your quiver and arrow which you'd done for a run you were taking part in. Wonderful. If had of caught you at the time would have quickly written about your possibly using as the shoulder strap soft leather chamois....would be so easy on the body, soft, so comfortable to wear. Lovely leather for me. Dyeable. Imagine that for a run where you'd not want to fuss w/it but focus on the run, you maybe sewed it to your garment. But if not, something to think if again in the future is to create the chamois strap and attach to quiver and introduce velco to keep it in place between the strap and your garment. Finding velcro, the modern fastener so versatile. Several tabs on a garment, on the shoulder strap, and voila!!! Could even put larger strip down quiver wlonger strip on garment and would keep even more in place against body to keep from lopping. Actually discovered you over bjds you were working on so back to there I go. You're my very first anything sent thru Google Mail! Hope it works. :)

    1. Thanks for the advice! I'll keep it in mind the next time our costumes involve straps of any sort. We did end up using velcro fastened to the quiver and the back of our shirts, which was very helpful. :)