Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 in Abbreviated View

You've been a year of surprises and love, 2016. 

Every year Gabe​​ and I live in the same country, same city, same home, it's a brilliant year.

 Gabe, the dogs, and the cat are in good health, 

and we're managing my chronic illnesses and health challenges with a grace that's been years in the making -- and that's after the year started with an unexpected emergency surgery for me! 

I'm sick every day, but I honestly don't think I've ever been healthier. 

I suffered an accident at work that sidelined me for months but left me with a new appreciation for how amazing our bodies and brains are. 

We started running (thanks, Denise​​!!) 

and ran our first races (at Disneyland in costume, no less!) a 10km followed the next day by a half-marathon! 

We went to a ton of sporting events (Storm, Mariners, Seahawks -- thanks for that last, Kirby!), art shows, and ballet performances -- how lucky are we to live in a place that allows us to do all that?! 

We took new classes (our Jewish learning class was the best of them). 

Our social group grew in leaps and bounds, and we've had the privilege of getting to know interesting and funny people. 

Gabe and I visited our families this year, and they visited us. 


We took relaxing and beautiful holidays (Lake Chelan was particularly amazing). 

Work has gone well for both of us as we've continued to grow and develop new skills. 

Gabe was promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer at his TV and Radio stations. I can honestly say I am my favourite version of myself right now, and every day I've tried to add more time for creativity, art, and play. 

Really, 2016 has been a phenomenal year and we've been so fortunate. 

We're making plans for 2017 (a marathon, Greece, a new home) and I hope the plans you make bring you curiosity, laughter, focus, compassion, good health, and play. 

Challenge yourself. 

Do so much good. 

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