Longer than Life

Here is where I intend to keep track of bucket list, which may very well be longer than life.

A list of life goals in no particular order:

1) Try to play the fiddle, stick with it for a minimum of six months with weekly lessons, and see if it can become a lifetime habit I've been taking fiddle lessons! Super challenging! Mission accomplished 2013 October!

2) Volunteer to be a Girl Scout Troop Leader I'm the Finance Coordinator for the Travel Pathways Committee

3) Be a blood donor in the States upon moving Completed 2012 April 26! First appointments booked!

4) Turn the condo into a garden by cultivating window box planters (both edible and non-edible) and hanging baskets, in addition to the plants we already have Our condo is covered in green and flowering plants. I think we've hit the maximum number we can sanely support -- including seasonal indoor window boxes (the lettuce was particularly yum)!

5) Be 100% out of debt by December 2015  2014 2015!!! Done! Done!! DONE!!!! No more DEBT!!!

6) Climb Kilimanjaro

7) Climb Maccu Picchu

8 Complete all travel goals

9) Finish my PADI Dive Master course My knee is not going to let me accomplish this one, but that's okay! I 'm a Rescue Diver!

10) Find a great job in Seattle Completed! Hello, Elliott Bay Book Company!! 2012May

11) Develop a more sincere connection with family Feeling pretty happy about my family connected-ness

12) Surf in Tofino Birthday trip completed in July!! It happened!!

13) Try sailing

14) Complete the experience rowing class (May 20th!) and if I like it, take up rowing Completed! 2012May20! Now taking Level 01 classes! Completed both level 1 and 2 and am joining a competitive team

15) Take a dance class with Gabe We took a dance class at Century Ballroom, and now Gabe knows the basics to the Waltz!!

16) Float in the Dead Sea

17) Give short bow archery a shot

18) Master my new Canon camera! in-progress

19) Plan an annual sibling trip

20) Start camping, or at least decide whether Gabe and I are camping sort of people Gabe and I are went camping in Tofino! We're not exactly camping sort of people... :)

21) Create savings for travel, a new car, a house, and any other objects/ ideas we may have in-progress

22) Commit to doing yoga once a week after 2012April Signed up for unlimited classes and then for ongoing classes! ...not really happening! I've found my low blood pressure is an uncomfortable hinderance to the long poses or quick movements. This probably isn't a good fit for me.

23) Fly a cessna

24) Cultivate a reputation for kindness, intelligence, and love in-progress

25) Milk a cow

26) Develop a more advanced vocabulary

27) Have sheep again

28) Only purchase items that are needed/ planned Making some serious progress on this one. I think if I manage to do it for the next six months (starting 2016 February) I will be able to check this one off.

29) Make a short movie Totally nailed this one! And not in the way I expected! Thanks, EBBC. Completed 2014 March 09

30) Participate in my community People on the Hill know me! I think this one is a success. Through volunteering, working, and actively participating in events, I feel like I'm properly participating in my new Seattle community! Completed 2014 February

31) Attend a football game in the States Dad and Matt came down and took us to our first NFL game!! Go 'hawks! Completed 2013 November

32) Swim with a dolphin in the wild

33) Try whirlyball

34) Watch a space shuttle launch in person

35) Learn how to take a compliment Hip hip hooray for etiquette books!

36) Move with grace

37) Get rid of the inner critic in my mind that keeps me from writing Yay! Success! Thank you Hobbit movie!! Seriously. This critic needs constant tamping down.

38) Negotiate my salary or a raise Hey! I tried this! Woop! Completed 2013 May

39) Be a mentor

40) Spend more time with my dad and get to know him better

41) Record my Nana's stories I ended up with a few, but not nearly as many as I would have liked.

42) Get fit...figure out how in-progress

43) Ride a hot air balloon

44) Stay overnight in an historic castle

45) Kiss the Blarney Stone

46) Ride an elephant

47) Dive or snorkel with whale sharks

48) Try white-water rafting Yay birthday gift! I went rafting in Leavenworth! Completed 2013 July!

49) Ride a camel

50) Figure out how to do a handstand

51) Build a giant sandcastle

52) Plan a surprise party

53) Work to get arms like Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica (go Google her) in-progress!

54) Only go back to school to get a PhD in Animal Assisted Literacy Curriculum Development (yep, really) 

55) Eat delicious, healthy, home-cooked food every day We've certainly met with success! Aannnd now it's not even a life choice I can make.

56) Fly a kite...without it crashing into the ground

57) Go on a writing retreat considering Hedgebrook

58) Host a picnic

59) Hold a tarantula (biggest fear...it must be conquered)

60) Watch a lightning storm at sea

61) Conquer my fear of snowballs

62) Make a zine

63) Buy a house

64) Make a short Christmas movie for my family that recaptures that spirit of beauty and imagination and magic we had when we were little

65) Attend a human birth Completed! October 25, 2012...I had the honour of helping welcome an incredible, healthy, beautiful baby boy into the world!

66) Build the dollhouse I have stored away in the condo -- in all its meticulously planned and careful detail Majorly in-progress. Updates here: EidolonManor.tumblr.com

67) Shoot a firearm (yikes, this one scares me -- though I have my restricted and non-restricted gun licenses)  Completed January 24, 2012

68) Have a booth at a street fair

69) Attend the opera Completed with my sister when we went to see Rusalka at UBC -- now Gabe & I are going to join Seattle's Bravo Club!

70) Get my Wreck Diver certification I may not be able to do this due to my health. Diving is gone from my list of hobbies.

71) Go boarding down a sand dune

72) Try bobsledding

73) Go zorbing in Calgary

74) Participate in a Polar Bear Swim on New Years Day

75) Send monthly letters to my sisters for a year Whoa. Done. 2014

76) Put my hand print into wet concrete/ cement

77) Go on a helicopter ride with Gabe Bought Gabe this for his birthday but have yet to go...

78) Ride in a horse-drawn carriage in Central Park, New York

79) See the tulips in Holland

80) Make ice cream from scratch

81) Learn how to sign a song

82) Spend a night in an underwater hotel (these exist!!--how did I not know sooner??)

83) Touch a giraffe

84) Give roller-skating a go

85) Ride in a gondola in Venice

86) Do 30 push-ups in a row...good ones

87) Pierce my tragus Completed February 26, 2011

88) Perfect a magic trick in-progress! I'm learning how to play with cards!

89) Blow glass I did this! Dad & Sue got me a Groupon for my birthday and I made myself a glass bowl!

90) See a performance at Shakespeare's Globe

91) Meet Patrick Stewart, or at least see him in person ACCOMPLISHED 2013March03! This goal even comes with photo evidence!

92) See a platypus in the wild in person

93) Do the splits (intentionally, without injuring myself)

94) Help five other people find their own love for budgeting in-progress (Person #1: H, Person #2: A, Person #3: K)

95) Celebrate Summer Solstice at the Stonehenge

96) Learn to juggle

97) Ride in a dogsled

98) Take Ginny to an agility course

99) Live with my husband! Completed 2012Apr13!!!! YAY!!

100) Learn to do that two-finger, super loud whistle This one is in-progress--I drool down my chin a lot

101) Master the zalghouta (no clue what that is? -- it's an ululation, that awesome tongue trill Xena made so famous)

102) Take my grandmothers to see Cirque du Soleil  Court and Danger took Rada, which is just as well by my book. 

103) See a show during the Queen Extravaganza tour Gabe and I saw the show--so awesome!! Completed 2013

104) See every Cirque du Soleil show Ongoing. I have seen the following so far: Allegria (Vancouver -- my first in 2000), Corteo (Vancouver), Amaluna (Vancouver), Kooza (Seattle), Quidam (Vancouver), Totem (Vancouver)

105) Go on a cattle drive

106) Learn to lasso (in a dance-like way)

107) Donate 10% of our net income to charities (Right now I donate $62/ per month regularly, plus extra for other events like charity runs etc....not quite there yet as that represents only 3%)

108) Take my brother to a baseball game in the States  When Matt came down to visit us this summer (2012), we took him out to see the Mariners (Ichiro was still on the team!).

109) Give metal-working a try

110) Take measurable, accountable steps towards ensuring women's equality (I don't know what these steps are but I will figure them out and list them accordingly)

111) Donate my wedding dress to The Bride's Project by the end of 2012 April with a note to its next bride Completed 2012Apr28! The dress is off to its next adventure!

112) Catch a firefly in a jar

113) Listen to my doctor's advice and learn not to overdo things I've seriously learned this one.

114) Attend a Storm game in Seattle Close to being accomplished -- tickets for the 2012Jun22 game!  That was soooo much fun!!! Going again!!

115) Participate in the WTA Hike-a-thon

116) Move to Vancouver Island

117) Complete my embroidery story

118) Sunbathe with seals

119) Complete my Eidolon Manor story

120) Write my entire World Stories with all the storylines

121) See every Cavalia show I have seen the following shows: Cavalia (Seattle), Odysseo (Seattle). Completed 2014 March 

122) Play "Grim Grinning Ghosts" on the piano

123) Play "The Funeral" from Pan's Labyrinth on the piano

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  1. Love your list! I'm pretty sure I can do 30 good push-ups in a row. Hmm... wanna count for me? ;)